Strategic Marketing is…telling brand stories

Torehill is a marketing strategy consultancy based in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Our CIM trained marketers can advise you on marketing strategy, branding, marketing communications planning, digital marketing, web design, e-commerce and digital content.

We help UK and international clients develop their marketing strategies with the aim of increasing profitability and delivering a measurable return on investment.  We work with both large enterprises and start-ups employing a myriad of integrated marketing tactics from PR, digital marketing, direct marketing through to traditional advertising.  We can call on a network of digital and creative talent to address your marketing needs and help you grow your business.

Why is marketing strategy so important?

Understanding your market and identifying customer needs are key factors to success, get these wrong and you are set up to fail. By first setting out your objectives of ‘where you want to be?’ and then working out the strategy of ‘how you want to get there?’, we help focus your company on its brand positioning and growth plans.

"The underlying principles of strategy are enduring, regardless of technology or the pace of change", Michael Porter, Harvard Business School.

The type of work we get involved in includes helping start-ups formulate their pitches to access investment capital. We also have an enviable track record in assisting companies with their pitch presentations and proposal documents to win new business and therefore grow their client base.

We have a brilliant team of enthusiastic marketers, trained in large London agencies, who love what they do!


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We offer a range of services from marketing strategy to website design.  For a list of all our services click here
Marketing Strategy
Where are you now and where do you want to get to? Our CIM trained strategists can help you focus your marketing to deliver return on investment. We analyse your current position versus your competitors to help you differentiate yourself and strengthen your position in your market
Campaign Planning
We understand how traditional and digital marketing work together to produce an effective marketing campaign. We work with start-ups and small businesses to plan a promotional mix that works hard to reach their target market and deliver a return on investment.  From PR to social media we can deliver a cost effective campaign.
Branding Workshops
We run workshops using branding techniques to help create competitive advantage. We get you thinking about value proposition and how you position your company versus the competition.  We also apply the same techniques to personal branding  to help develop how you want to be perceived by your network.
Website Development
We build websites for clients using open source platforms e.g. WordPress and Magento. Whether it's a static website, e-commerce site or UX automation project - we have the experience to build it.  Our team leader has over 20 years' experience producing websites for blue chip clients.
So you've got a website but no visitors. Our SEO team can help improve your website traffic by analysing your on and off-page SEO. This way we can provide a tailor-made solution to improve your ranking in search engine results.
All websites need good quality content. It's a balancing act of tone of voice, communicating information and keyword terms. We produce engaging content which takes visitors on a journey with one objective in mind - to turn them into your customers.



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