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Torehill is a marketing communications team based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.  Our marketers can advise you on marketing strategy, digital marketing, PR, social media, web design and digital content.  We can call on a network of talent to address your marketing needs and help you grow your business.

What is content marketing?

It is a way of communicating with your customers without the hard sell.   Relevant and entertaining content will create loyalty and word of mouth.  Essentially digital content includes websites, blogs, email, apps, ebooks and social media.  Whilst the emphasis is on written content, increasingly images and video are more effective at producing a viral response on social media. In today’s marketing environment content marketing is taking an ever larger share of advertisers’ budgets at the expense of traditional passive advertising.  Audiences have migrated online with consumers now actively following, sharing, liking and commenting on their favourite brands.  An engaged customer is sharing their content with you and advocating your brand to their peers.

English Mother Tongue copywriting

Consumers research companies online before making a buying decision, therefore they expect companies to have a website.  An internet site which is well written, looks professional and is easy to navigate helps build trust. The world wide web has created opportunities for smaller businesses,  a website unlocks access to a global marketplace.  A command of English is vital in this new technological landscape, yet badly written English looks unprofessional.  Our team of English Mother Tongue copywriters are fluent Italian and French speakers, they help Italian, Swiss and French companies reach an international clientele.

Telling stories

Successful brands and products differentiate themselves with compelling stories which help them engage emotionally with their target audiences.
We have a brilliant team of enthusiastic marketers, trained in large London agencies, who love what they do! Call us if you think we can help find solutions to your marketing challenges.

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