5 best business books for your holiday reading list
best business books holiday reading list

Charge your Kindle and pack your USB cable – here is my list of the 5 best business books to take on holiday for a spot of relaxation by the pool. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup ‘Fake it till you make it in Silicon Valley’ unless you’re a health-tech start-up […]

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Is ROI a good measure of marketing strategy?
Marketing Strategy ROI

How do you prove the ROI of marketing strategy? First of all let’s get out of the way the confusion surrounding marketing strategy and establish what it isn’t.  It is about determining what kind of business you are in and developing long-term competitive advantage.  It is not about short-term tactics like advertising, personal selling, social […]

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Fintech branding strategy – why benefits matter more than features
fintech branding features benefits

Software engineers are so obsessed with product or service features that they forget or ignore the importance of benefits. I go to a lot of fintech events – these are dominated by developers and software engineers.  Discussion revolves around the opportunity of PSD2, data, customer needs and product/service development.  Marketing doesn’t get on the radar! […]

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Why Behavioural Targeting is In and Demographic Targeting is Dead
behavioural targeting, behavioral targeting, targeting, demographic, segmentation, personalization

As we approach the 2020s behavioural targeting is far more relevant than demographics. We need to stop marketing to people by generation, marketers fixated on Millennials, Generation X or Z are stuck in the analogue past.  Even within each generation, we tend to lump everyone in together with a single narrative: Millennials are all ‘snowflakes’, […]

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Big Data Trends – are advertising agencies losing the battle?
Big Data Trends Torehill

Most of the advertising world is converging on the South of France this week for Cannes Lions 2018, an annual festival celebrating the work of creative agencies. Now in its 64th year, the event has been facing increasing questions regarding its relevance in the fourth industrial revolution. Last year, advertising giant Publicis Groupe announced that […]

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How to hire a good marketing consultant?
Marketing consultant Edinburgh London

A marketing consultant can bring an experienced expert eye to your organization’s marketing activities. They are also a flexible hire without the costs and risk involved with taking on a permanent senior employee.  However, anyone can call themselves a marketing consultant so how do you know how to choose a good one. What makes a […]

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