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Conversion Rate Optimization – 8 top tips for improving ROI:

UK ad spend on Google and Facebook hit £6.3 billion in 2017, with Google taking the lion’s share of £4.43 billion (Campaign). Although the average AdWords cost per click is $2.69 for search, the results vary across industries with the legal sector experiencing the highest CPC of c. £7 and some specialisms as much as $50. (Search Engine Journal 2017). However, with 97% of website traffic failing to convert, once you’ve attracted a potential customer to your website how do you convert them from browsers to buyers?

Set an objective
What action do you want your website visitor to take? Set up a goal in Google Analytics and analyse your traffic in terms of landing pages and bounce rate. An objective could be capturing an email, generating an initial contact or a sale.

Calls to Action are important but be careful – too many can be confusing. Make sure they are above the fold and test them to see if they are working. Experiment with placement, colour, buttons and wording.

Sell the benefits of your product or service with clear and concise copy. Videos are a useful tool as they are more visually engaging than text, make sure you place them above the fold.

Social proof and customer ratings help generate trust. Some websites add pop-ups telling you what other customers purchased. Services use trade association badges and certifications to reassure potential customers.

Nudge Marketing
Messages like ‘only 1 left in stock’ or ‘3 other customers are looking at this offer’ are typical tactics to nudge customers into buying. Discount codes are another but avoid sending customers off site in search of codes – they may not return.

PPC landing pages
Make sure your landing page content is consistent with your PPC advertising copy. Your bounce rate will be high if your content is not relevant to your visitor’s search expectations.

Avoid creating obstacles
One of the main reasons for basket abandonment is forcing consumers to create an account. Long checkout processes and limited payment methods also drive customers away.

Test and analyse
Continuous website traffic analysis will reveal issues e.g. high basket abandonment or bounce rates. Implement changes systematically to test how they affect visitor behaviour and analyse.


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Blog post by Christine Babington Smith, an expert in marketing strategy and marketing communications.  She is the  founder of Torehill, a marketing strategy agency which works with promising tech startups. Torehill’s team includes CIM & MBA trained marketers with between 10–20 years’ experience.  Our backgrounds cover London’s premier advertising agencies, PLCs and high-profile start-ups.  By focusing on understanding the market, customer pain points and competitive environment our consultants help start-ups succeed.  Our consultancy services encompass marketing strategy, branding, marketing communications, campaign planning, website development, digital marketing, PR, SEO and content.

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