Marketing Strategy, PR, digital content, social media and website production

Marketing Strategy, PR and digital marketing

Where are you now and where do you want to get to?  We can help you work this out and then advise you on how to get there.

This sounds simple but there are many strategies to consider and challenges to overcome including having the budget to do what you want.  We can translate current marketing theory into practice to help develop your brand and meet your objectives.

Our team members come from different marketing disciplines and can advise on ATL media, web design, copywriting content, digital marketing, PR and social media.


We have over 8 years experience in copywriting and creating web content for e-commerce, fashion and corporate sites. We develop keyword rich copy and SEO optimised content for product descriptions, blogs, newsletter and email campaigns.  Our work involves tracking relevant search terms on Google Adwords and developing a calendar of blog posts tailor-made to your business.

Contact us on +44 (0)734 2304471 or email to discuss your brief, whether it’s an adhoc job or a long term project.

Social Media

We analyse your competitors, target market and business objectives to develop a bespoke social media strategy which integrates an organic approach with optimised advertising.

Organic  Approach

We develop a calendar of events for your selected social media channels, whilst continually scanning the news and social environment for trending content.

Advertising Approach

Facebook has evolved into a paid advertising platform as organic posts now only reach 1%-6% of people who “like” a business page.  Advertising involves constant testing and optimising creative for effectiveness and reach.

Customer Engagement

We also offer a listening service which monitors your social channels for customer engagement and deals with any customer service enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Website design and production

Our expertise in copywriting for websites has led us to all aspects of website production, we can guide you through the stages of website development advising you on key decisions during the process. You can benefit from our team leader’s extensive knowledge and experience in website design and e-commerce.  We can ultimately deliver a cost-effective and scaleable website using either the WordPress CMS or Magento for more complex e-commerce projects.

Video content

Video content has overtaken imagery as the most powerful viral aspect of social media, with Youtube being the most active social media platform in the UK.  We have now augmented our services with video content production – contact us for a showreel.

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